Echo Master



Echoes from beyond

Dark ambient echo with all analog dry signal path and true bypass switching. Covers all of your echo needs from slapback to spacey ambient reverb type echo with the ability to self oscillate. Very dark, tape like, wet sound.

The Echo Master has the ability to boost or cut your signal as it is a clean boost preamp as well as an echo unit. Each hand wired unit gives you a lush echo/reverb preamp unit that sounds amazing for any style of music.

Each pedal is designed specifically to minimize circuit noise (a key factor with heavy music) and is completely true bypass. Furthermore, each unit is individually screen-printed, hand-crafted, and tested one unit at a time in Oregon, USA.

Finely tuned to be able to handle distortion pedals and high output guitar pickups.



Mix: Adjust the ratio between wet and dry signal. The Echo Master has the capability to have more wet signal than dry signal at maximum.

Feedback: Adjust how many repeats are present in echoes. Ability to self-oscillate at near maximum settings.

Level: Adjust the output level of the effect. Can provide more than unity gain with the pedals internal preamp section.

Time: Adjust the time between repeats up to 350 mS.



Use of an isolated 9-volt, centre negative (-) DC power supply is recommended for optimal performance.