Satanic Saturation

The FTW666 blends the classic fuzz tone of vintage Fuzz Faces with the overall control and versatility of the famous Green Russian Muff. The FTW666 is a smaller, and expanded version of our Troglodyte Fuzz pedal.

Boasting 5 knobs, this pedal can finely tune your sound from a mild low gain fuzz, all the way to pure sonic destruction. The FUZZ control has been re-designed to give a very smooth and continuous sweep. Old Fuzz Faces have the issue of having all of the fuzz stuck in the last 10% of the pots rotation. The two part tone section makes the FTW666 really shine on any pedalboard. The TONE control is based on the vintage Green Russian Muff, just like our Troglodyte pedal. However the FTW666 also features a dedicated MID scoop knob that really adds in that vintage Muff flavor or takes away the scoop for a whole new set of sounds. The CLARITY control really cleans up the low end and helps cut through the mix keeping your tone nice and tight.

In few words the FTW666 is a medium gain fuzz that works very well for down tunings, specifically Doom/Stoner/Metal type music. One of the key concepts of this pedal is that with Doom type music utilizing down-tunings, sometimes too high of gain can really muddy up the clarity your tone needs. This is where the incredible control that the FTW666 comes as a perfect addition to your pursuit of heaviness!
Optimized circuit design provides reduce overall noise, while providing a thick and saturated modern fuzz that pays homage to it’s many ancestors.
Each pedal is hand built in our small boutique shop. All Fuzzlord Effects pedals are screen printed by hand the same way it was done during the golden era of effects pedals.


LEVEL: Overall output level.
TONE: Bass/Treble filter. Counter-clockwise for more bass and less treble, clockwise for more treble and less bass.
FUZZ: Amount of gain in the circuit. Counter-Clockwise for less saturated fuzz tones, clockwise for all out sludgey destruction.
MID: Mid boost/scoop control. Clockwise to boost mids.
CLARITY: Pre-gain that also filters out low end.


Use of an isolated 9 volt, center negative (-) DC power supply is recommended for optimal performance.


SOLD OUT ($185)

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