The Smoothest Muff In The Land

Modern muff versatility, mixed with sought after vintage tones. The Fuzzlord MF-5 is voiced to mimic the Civil War version of the circuit made famous by David Gilmour. Smoother gain than the other versions, less of a mid scoop, and wonderful sustain. The most versatile of all of the muffs.

The MF-5 features the standard Volume/Tone/Sustain controls, as well as the added Scoop control which takes the EQ section from a mild to drastic scoop. This control changes the whole tone of the pedal opening up many sonic possibilities. Go from smooth overdrive tones to total scooped mid grunge with one control.

The Voice toggle switch selects between two types of clipping diodes for the second clipping gain stage. Either red LED, or silicon diodes can be chosen for two very different sounds. The silicon diodes are the classic ones used in Civil War muff, and the red LED provide a more open sound as well as volume boost.

Each pedal is designed specifically to minimize circuit noise (a key factor with heavy music) and is completely true bypass. Furthermore, each unit is individually screen-printed, hand-crafted, and tested one unit at a time in Oregon, USA.



SCOOP: This controls how much of a mid scoop is present. Very interactive with the Tone control.

TONE: The classic muff tone stack. Provides both a high pass and low pass filter in same tone control. Use with the Scoop control to unlock many sounds not capable in any standard Big Muff pedal.

VOLUME: Controls the output vs input volume ratio.

SUSTAIN: Controls the internal gain/fuzz in the circuit.



Use of an isolated 9-volt, centre negative (-) DC power supply is recommended for optimal performance.