Deluxe 15W Amp Head


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This hand wired amp head is based on the classic 50s Tweed Deluxe 5E3 amplifier but has been tuned for clean headroom and to work well as a pedal platform amp. The preamp is a pair of 12ax7 tubes with hi and lo inputs on the Normal and Bright channels, 2 Volume controls, and a single Tone control driving a pair of 6V6GT making about 15W of all tube power. Interactive Volume and Tone controls open up a wide range of tones in a simple preamp.

Plug this into your favorite speaker cabs and run your gear thorugh a simple classic clean high headroom hand wired tube amp. This one was used for some demos and has two small dings int he tolex (no tears in tolex)

I don’t make these often to be sure to grab this one while it’s available if you have been wanting a Fuzzlord Amp!

This one has a tap for either a 16ohm or 8ohm cab.

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