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With a deafening blow destroy your enemies

The Void Master is a 70’s style silicon fuzz device that has a huge amount of output volume and sustain on tap. Inspired by vintage Colorsound Fuzz pedals while incorporating elements of the classic Fuzz Face.

One simple level control is all you need to shape your sound. The Void Master is extremely interactive with your volume and tone controls of your guitar. Rolling back your guitar’s volume will clean up the fuzz and reduce bass. Cranking volume on your guitar and stripping treble with tone control gives a huge wall of fuzz perfect for droning out down tuned chords at thunderous volumes.

The Void Master has been finely tuned to work well with down tuned guitars or bass without stripping out all of the low end. True bypass relay switching ensures that when the effect is disengaged your clean signal will not be altered in any way.  



LEVEL: Adjust the overall output volume of the Void Master. The fuzz is set internally, however the massive volume boost will also be able to overdrive your amp even further.  



Power: Use only a 9v center negative 2.1mm power supply. We recommend using an isolated power supply to avoid noise issues.

Dimensions: Length: 120 x 94 x 34 mm

Switching: True bypass soft switching

Current Draw: 45mA


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