Rooted in Pre-Historic Rock

The hybrid offspring of two classic fuzz circuits, the Troglodyte merges the nasty fuzz section of a down-tuned modded Silicon Fuzz Face, with the tone section reminiscent of a vintage Russian Big Muff, creating a prehistoric beast of a fuzz pedal that brings the heavy. 

The toggles allow for a myriad of tonal possibilities with the left toggle controlling the amount of mids in the circuit. The right toggle controls the amount of low-end input into the circuit via different input caps. Get the full range of low end driving the circuit  with the toggle up, or trim some of that low end for a slightly more cutting tone in a live mix.

Needless to say, the Troglodyte is equally at home with either guitar or bass, regardless of how low the tuning is.



Level: Overall output level. Counter-clockwise for less, clockwise for more.

Tone: Bass/Treble filter. Counter-clockwise for more bass and less treble, clockwise for more treble and less bass.

Fuzz: Amount of gain in the circuit. Counter-Clockwise for less saturated fuzz tones, clockwise for all out sludgey destruction.

Toggle 1 (Left): Mid boost/scoop control.

Toggle 2 (Right): Input cap toggle.



Use of an isolated 9 volt, center negative (-) DC power supply is recommended for optimal performance.


Sold Out ($205 USD)

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