Drone Master Distortion


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Pure Sonic Destruction

Based on the RAT made famous by countless bands over the decades, the Drone Master is a heavy-laden drone-filled take on the classic circuit. Brutally high gain, different clipping options, and added mid scoop/boost toggle make the Drone Master a perfect addition to any pedalboard.

Two toggles give a total of 4 different modes. The left toggle chooses between a classic Rat voicing and a Hyperfuzz style voicing perfect for pulling off a fuzz tone. The right toggle chooses between silicon diode clipping (stock) and a much louder and compressed LED clipping mode that provides a volume boost and more low end.



LEVEL: Overall output level. Counter-clockwise for less, clockwise for more.

FILTER: Treble-cut tone control to tame any harsh top-end. Clockwise for unfiltered, counter-clockwise for more treble cut.

GAIN: Amount of gain in the circuit. Counter-Clockwise for overdrive-like tones, clockwise for all out sonic destruction.

Toggle 1: Mid boost/scoop control. Up for mid scoop, down for stock.

Toggle 2: Silicon/LED clipping control. Down for Silicon (stock), Up for LED.




Power: Use only a 9v center negative 2.1mm power supply. We recommend using an isolated power supply to avoid noise issues.

Dimensions: 120 x 94 x 42.5 mm

Switching: True bypass soft switching

Current Draw: 40mA


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