Doom Metal Drum Pack



The Power Of The Riff 

This drum pack has 14 different different drum tracks that are perfect for practicing your riffs over, using for song demos, and writing your own music! Whether you are just practicing at home and learning how to keep time better, or writing full songs with guitar/bass/vocals, these drum tracks will make what you are doing fun and easy. All files are 16 bit WAV format.

If you make a song with one tag the @fuzzlordeffects IG page, I’d love to hear what you make with them!



Gear Used In Demo:

PureSalem La Bruja tuned to C standard

Fuzzlord Octave Master > ProCo Rat > Spectral Realm Reverb

Fuzzlord 20w Solid State head > Doom Metal IR Pack Cabs


All drum tracks have bpm labeled so you can upload to DAW and adjust speed as needed, 16 bit audio tracks made with midi drums.