Doom Metal IR Pack



Doom Metal IR Pack (Download)

The Fuzzlord Effects Doom Metal IR Pack comes with 6 different speaker cabinet emulations that can handle all of the low tunings and fuzzed out riffs that Doom Metal is made of while still providing clairty in a mix. This IR pack features two classic 4x12s, three different oversized 12″ cabinets, and ground shaking 1×12 1×15 ported cabinet as well as the individual speaker IRs.

IR’s engineered by Jason Johnson using a pair of SM57 to capture the live sound of each of the speaker cab voicings used in the Fuzzlord Effects recordings. All of our favorite speaker cabinet voicings using high quality speakers like greenbacks and a variety of boutique speakers specifically voiced for low tunings and heavy distortion.



Dragonaut 4×12″ – Recreating the sound of a 80s English 300w 4×12″ featuring G12T-75 speakers. Classic metal grind and punch.
Earth Shaker 1×12″ 1×15″ – Oversized ported 200 w cabinet with a 12″/15″ speaker voiced for Doom Metal. Kvlt series speakers.
Studio 1×12″ – Oversized single 12″ cabinet with a greenback speaker. Classic sound with punch and clarity.
Boutique 2×12″ – Oversized finger joined 2×12″ 400w cabinet with Kvlt series speakers voiced for guitar/bass. Heavy bass and mids, dark sound, Kvlt series speaker.
Purple 4×12″ – Boutique 4×12″ 400w cabinet featuring modern high wattage greenback style speaker with cones tuned lower to 55 Hz.
Iommist 4×12″ – Modern British 320w cabinet loaded with 70 Eighty speakers.


System Requirements
Impulse Response Loader (Two Notes Torpedo, Wall Of Sound, Reaper etc)
Amp sim, guitar amp with DI or load box, or preamp pedal


IRs recorded at 44.1kHz
Speaker IRs marked with “C” are recorded in axis with SM57
Speakers IRs marked with “OA” are recorded off axis with SM57