Doom Metal IR Free Sample Pack



Doom Metal IR Pack Sample Pack (Download)


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Check out a free sample pack from our popular Doom Metal IR Pack! Featuring Jason’s 80’s Laney AOR 4×12″ cabinet as well as his Purple 4×12″ Nomad Cabinet loaded with Weber Legacy speakers.



Dragonaut 4×12″ – Recreating the sound of a 80s English 300w 4×12″ featuring G12T-75 speakers. Classic metal grind and punch.

Purple 4×12″ – Boutique 4×12″ 400w cabinet featuring modern high wattage greenback style speaker with cones tuned lower to 55 Hz.


System Requirements
Impulse Response Loader (Two Notes Torpedo, Wall Of Sound, Reaper etc)
Amp sim, guitar amp with DI or load box, or preamp pedal


WAV format IRs recorded at 44.1kHz
Speaker IRs marked with “C” are recorded in axis with SM57
Speakers IRs marked with “OA” are recorded off axis with SM57